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Private Equity Advisory Services

Competencies and the lifecycle stages

Due diligence investigations. We can provide access to industry, sector trends, and asset-specific key issues. We will undertake detailed analyses of the market and competition, the business case and models as well as the overall feasibility of the acquisition.

The post-close strategy period. The Client Deal team and Operations team meet with company management to reach agreement on the company’s general strategic direction. Moonsand will help facilitate this discussion and agree specific strategic initiatives.

Value creation – for examples of key areas and levers to be deployed to unlock value in portfolio companies. We can do this through various tools, on-site visits, functional assessments, and thorough analyses to assess improvement levers across the business. An example is the “First 100 Days” operational action plan development where Moonsand will work with the portfolio company directly on the key value drivers—such pricing or operational improvement—as soon as the deal is closed. 

The value creation road map, which is a comprehensive long-term action plan for realizing the company’s strategic agenda—complete with critical milestones, a timeline, designated responsibilities, key performance indicators (KPIs), and links to the company’s budget and business plan

Exit support. We work with portfolio companies to develop a detailed roadmap for exit support that typically covers the final 500 days before exit and include a comprehensive equity story, systematic vendor due diligence, and even direct support in the sales process. 

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